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Dirty Dog lenses consist of layer upon layer of advanced technology bonded together to maximise UV protection and enhance the clarity of your vision for safe and durable wearing.
The lenses contain 4 UV filters for optimum UV blockage.
All Dirty Dog lenses are treated with two specially developed hard coatings to make the lenses extremely scratch resistant and prevent the deterioration of lens clarity.


Dirty Dog eyewear provides an extensive range of lens colour options suited for the varying light conditions found in even the most extreme environments.


Dirty Dog’s are equipped with the latest lens technology in POLARIZED POLYFILTER and POLYCARBONATE lenses.
POLYCARBONATE is the most impact resistant optical material available, guaranteeing the wearer protection from physical objects as well as visual comfort.
Scientifically formulated to offer exceptional defence against the suns harmful rays, our POLARIZED POLYFILTER and POLYCARBONATE lenses absorb radiation that can be damaging to the human eye.
These lenses provide clear and restful vision in the most extreme environmental conditions.
Dirty Dog Polarized lenses block reflected horizontal glare making them the perfect choice for any high glare situations like fishing, boating, skiing, driving or any situation where you need extra protection from reflected glare.


Dirty Dog Photochromic lenses adapt to different brightness conditions to give you the optimum lens for all environmental light situations.The Photochromic goggle lenses change from light to dark with a switch time of 0-8 seconds and from dark to light with a switch time of 0-35 seconds. The Photochromic sunglass lenses change from light to dark with a switch time of 0-50 seconds and from dark to light with a switch time of 0-180 seconds.
With Dirty Dog Photochromic lenses you will be equipped for the most extreme weather changes.


The sunglass lens type and protection index can be identified on the Lens Transmission Profiles chart below. Light transmission ranges from 11% to 76% of available light. All transmission profiles are based on data obtained according to ANSI Z80.3 and EN 1836 test protocols. If you key in the model name or model code in the search function on www.dirtydog.com the site will show an image of the model along with lens type and frame colour.
Index 0: Aesthetic, very low protection
Index 1: For weak sun brightness
Index 2: For average sun brightness
Index 3: For strong sun brightness
Index 4: For exceptionally strong sun brightness, but not to be used for driving a motor vehicle

SUNGLASS Lens Transmission Profiles Chart


Lens Code Luminous
Transmittance (TV)
Green Polarized Polyfilter GPOL 15% 3
Green Polycarbonate GPC 14% 3
Green Polarized Polycarbonate GPOLPC 15% 3
Green Golf Polycarbonate GFPC 20% 2
Green/Blue Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate GHMPOLPC 8% 3
Green/Blue Mirror Polarized GHMPOL 9% 3
Green/Green Fusion Mirror Polarized GMPOL 14% 3
Green/Green Fusion Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate GMPOLPC 14% 3
Grey Polarised Polyfilter APOL 13% 3
Grey Polycarbonate APC 15% 3
Grey Polarised Polycarbonate APOLPC 13% 3
Grey Photochromic Polycarbonate APHPC 14-47 1-3
Grey/Flash Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate AFMPOLPC 11% 3
Grey/Silver Mirror Polarized Polyfilter AMPOL 14% 3
Grey/Silver Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate AMPOLPC 14% 3
Grey/Silver Mirror Polycarbonate AMPC 11% 3
Grey/Flash Mirror Polycarbonate AMPC 11% 3
Grey/Orange Fusion Mirror Polarized Polyfilter AOMPOL 15% 3
Grey/Orange Fusion Mirror Polycarbonate AOMPC 8% 3
Grey/Blue Mirror Polycarbonate AHMPC 27% 2
Grey/Blue Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate AHMPOLPC 14% 3
Grey/Blue Fusion Mirror Polarized Polyfilter AHMPOL 8% 3
Grey/Blue Fusion Mirror Polycarbonate AHMPC 17% 3
Grey/Gold Mirror Polarized Polyfilter ALMPOL 15% 3
Grey/Red Fusion Mirror Polycarbonate ABMPC 12% 3
Grey/Red Fusion Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate ARMPOLPC 17% 3
Grey/Red Fusion Mirror Polarized Polycarbonate ABMPOLPC 17% 4
Grey/Red Fusion Mirror Polarized Polyfilter ABMPOL 17% 3
Grey/Purple Mirror Polarised Polycarbonate APMPOLPC 10% 3
Grey/Purple Mirror Polarised Polyfilter APMPOL 16% 3
Brown Polarized Polyfilter CPOL 14% 3
Brown Polycarbonate CPC 14% 3
Brown Polarized Polycarbonate CPOLPC 11% 3
Brown Flash Mirror Polycarbonate CMPC 11% 3
Brown Golf Polycarbonate CFPC 22% 2
Copper Polarized Polyfilter KPOL 18% 3
Copper Polycarbonate KPC 14% 3
Orange Polycarbonate OPC 47% 1
Yellow Polarized Polyfilter YPOL 15% 3
Yellow Polycarbonate YPC 76% 1
Rose Polycarbonate RPC 28% 2
Rose Flash Mirror Polycarbonate RMPC 15% 3
Blue Polarized Polyfilter AHPOL 42% 2
Blue Polycarbonate AHPC 35% 2
Clear Polycarbonate XPC 90% 0

GOGGLE Lens Transmission Profiles Chart
Lens Luminous
Transmittance (TV)
Yellow Polycarbonate 86% 0
Orange Polycarbonate 48% 1
Orange Silver Mirror Polycarbonate 9% 3
Orange Photochromic Polycarbonate 56-16% 1-3
Rose Flash Mirror Polycarbonate 30% 2
Rose Polycarbonate 58% 1
Brown/Gold Fusion Mirror Polycarbonate 15% 3
Grey/Flash Mirror Polycarbonate 21% 2
Grey/Silver Mirror Polycarbonate 10% 3
Grey Polarised Polycarbonate 15% 3
Grey/Red Fusion Mirror Polycarbonate 13% 3
Grey/Red Fusion Mirror Polarised Polycarbonate 15% 3
Grey/Blue Fusion Mirror Polycarbonate 11% 3
Grey/Red Flash Mirror Polycarbonate 15% 3
Grey/Green Fusion Mirror Polycarbonate 15% 3


- All Dirty Dog Lenses: To help maintain the superior optical quality of Dirty Dog lenses, your eyewear comes with a microfiber pouch for cleaning and storage. Using it will preserve the superior optical quality of Dirty Dog’s Polycarbonate and Polarised Polyfilter lenses. Hand wash and air-dry the microfiber pouch regularly.
- Mirror Lenses: Dirty Dog mirror lens coatings are engineered to reduce glear and improve contrast. An array of available tints allows the wearer to balance light transmission in any light condition. The mirror coating must be treated with special care to avoid scratching. Never use cleaning solutions. Use only mild soap and water, and dry by gently blotting with the Microfiber pouch provided.

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