Keith Fowler


Dirty Dog Team Member Keith Fowler


My name is Keith Fowler born june 20, 1983. 27 years old height 5'9" weight 150 lbs Skimboarder,surfer,flow rider. Ride mauiskimmers 4'9" and 20" wide with wide nose, lots of concave, pro model coming soon.

I started skimboarding whenI turned 18. I started contests 5 months later, getting top three every amateur contestI entered in the first two years. Turning professional, have placed, 12th,9th,8th and 4th at the World Championships in Laguna Beach California, I also placed 6th in Cabo Mexico one year. I've won 4 out of 6 contests in Hawaii that I entered.

My favorite spot to skim is Makena Beach on Maui and The Wedge in Cali.
My best tricks are big airs and lots of shuvits.
Flow rider competitionsI entered one, and won it.
Love to represent the Dirty Dog Team.

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