Mickey Wilson


Dirty Dog Team Member Mickey Wilson


My name is Mickey Wilson and I'm a 24 year old slackliner from Colorado. I was born in Vail, lived in Breckenridge for six years, then spent the rest of my growing up in Durango, CO. I attended college at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. I bought my first slackline four years ago while studying physics for my bachelor's degree and solar cells for my master's degree at the School of Mines and have since fallen in love with the sport.

I was lucky to become friends with some very experienced slackliners early on in my slackline journey and they showed me the ropes in the three major disciplines of slacklining: tricklining, longlining, and highlining. I founded a slackline club at my university and before I knew it, we had a hundred members and considerable funding from the university. In 2011, my friends convinced me to attend my first ever slackline competition, the USA National Championships, an event sponsored by the slackline powerhouse Gibbon Slacklines. I finished 2nd behind the legendary Mike Payton and from there I was catapulted into my very own slacklife! Since then, I have continuously pushed my skills in all the major slackline disciplines in an effort to mold myself into the most complete slackliner I can be. I have competed at numerous other slackline competitions since 2011 and am currently ranked 11th in world in tricklining by the World Slackline Federation. I landed the first ever double backflip dismount, and was the first to land a backflip to chest bounce in competition. I was also the second person to land a Luke Skywalker on a highline. My longest slackline send stands at 500 feet (152 m) and my longest highline send is 230 feet (70 m on sight!).

I love slacklining more than any other sport but I'm also an avid skier, whitewater kayaker and climber. I also recently completed enough skydives to obtain my skydiving "A" license and I now plan to work toward base jumping and eventually base jumping from highlines!

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